Hello out there!

I got an email last week (March 5, 2012, to be exact) from someone I greatly respect and admire.  The email read, “You need to start a blog . . .”  So, I started a blog.  Although I call this the official weblog of Lollaland, the company, it’s really just a platform for me and my husband (and business partner) to share what’s relevant to us, our business, and the little ones who inspired it all.  We hope you enjoy (& engage in) all the interesting posts to come.

1 thought on “Hello out there!

  1. I saw you presentation on Shark Tank and was very taken with all you presented. I am 88 years old, have a son and dauhter, 5 grandchildren (now grown)and one new adorable great grandson who I will gift with your sippy cup. I love that you are having it made in America and your determination to keep it that way. Bravo. I also really like your blog. My daughter is a retired kindergarten teacher who was very devoted to her students and your comments and reflections ring a bell. I wish you and your husband a mega success. Hand on to your principals. They are worth it. congratulations

    Shirley Guido

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