Late Night Ramblings – Post Shark Tank

We were ecstatic when we got our first online order, we felt a glimmer of hope when we opened our first retail account, we literally hurt when we got our first customer complaint, and smiled for days when we received our first glowing review.  I say all this, because running a business is such a roller-coaster.  Being on Shark Tank was like that signature, breathtaking drop –  we are laughing, screaming, and just holding on tight.  I remember pulling all-nighters in college, feeling like I couldn’t type one more letter, but looking back, that must’ve been training for this very moment.  Sleep is an afterthought and that’s okay.  The one thing that pains me is not being there for my girls as much as I had hoped.

A snapshot of our living room right now.

I came across an article in that said the following, “If you’re going to be successful, you’ve got to love your business more than anything else–even your family.”  WOW.  When I read this, I felt like someone punched me in the gut.  I’m determined to be successful, but I refuse to believe this.  I have a company and product, because of my family.  I have the most amazing partner who is my family, and family is helping us survive this ride.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this blog post, but I just had to take a minute away from work and think big picture.  Thanks for listening.  Anyone agree/disagree?  How do you all juggle work and family?

28 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings – Post Shark Tank

  1. Great post!
    I think you articulate what most people, especially business owners go through.

    First thing I would say is to live by your deepest values and follow your conscience. Always!

    Second, learn from the one you are following and choose that person wisely.

    Here is what Jesus had to say about how to think about each day (moment). I start each day with this prayer and then converse with Him about the days needs and what he is calling me to do.

    Ok, I’m tired and just wanted to share somethings.

    Congrats on your growing business.
    As you grow your business, make sure you two are in regular conversation about the important things.

    Invest the most in your marriage first, family (w/kids) second. This will pay the greatest dividends.

    Money and businesses come and go, but it is your marriage and family that will (if wise choices are made) be there for love and support.

    I appreciate your sharings.


      • WOW Great comment by John! I am also a mompreneur, i set our to create my business when my husband deployed to Afghanistan it was the hardest 8 months of my life, With a 8 week old baby and 8 yr old daughter it really puts everything into perspective. Family 1st and foremost IS your success. Then your passion for what you do comes next. Your family is an inspiration i wish you all the success!

  2. I just posted a great thought. I don’t see it. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to share in person. Night.

  3. Aww. Well I can imagine that this is very overwhelming for you because of the high demand of your awesome product and you want to please your customers. My advice is to get as much outside help as possible. Taking out a few hours or maybe an entire day (if possible) to have the alone time you need with your husband and kids will def. make u feel better. In my opinion, no matter how much anyone loves their job, you should ALWAYS make time for yourself and your loved ones. Good luck :).

  4. Hanna –

    You’re wrestling with and answering your own question. You know you don’t want to work this way forever, so push now and enjoy what’s on the other side. You’re doing this FOR and WITH your family by your side. There’s a great deal of hidden good to that… You’re able to work alongside your husband and share in this ‘overnight’ success. You’re paying forward valuable lessons to your children about creating personal wealth, networking, marketing, and possibly life balance.

    Just hang in there for a while, and I bet you’ll be one of those “Shark Tank” follow-up stories (wearing a big smile at the park with your family) next season. Your product is remarkable, so it’ll have a life of its own after you finish this production and packaging run. Mark my words: it won’t be YOU doing this manual labor forever.

    Short term sacrifice, long term gain! You have a community of fans here to prop you up too 🙂

  5. I whole heartedly agree. True success is the ability to manage both your business and personal relationships simultaneously. At no point should one ever have to sacrifice ones relationship permanently for the good of the business! The family will be there for you, even when the business is not and that is something that should never be taken for granted.

  6. SO AGREE! I have my own business and look forward for the ‘golden moment’ like the one you are experiencing now! So embrace the good feeling, the sleep deprivation, the absence from the kids, the long hours at work, ‘cos it’s all worth for the long run! I’m so happy for your success and I look forward for my LOLA cup I bought for my son…all the best!!

  7. i hope that article writer was being sarcastic or facetious. his narrow-minded view of success is not what you are aiming for! keep up the hard work, but don’t put your business ahead of your family! you can be successful at both as long as your keep your heart and mind focused on Him.

  8. I am so happy for your success! You took a problem and turned it into a great solution. I am amazed by your creativity. So happy to have seen you on Shark Tank and can’t wait for my lollacup to arrive. Family is always most important but all the hard work you are doing right now is just leading to secure a happy, healthy future for them. Happiness is always more important than money, but I think a lot of both are in your future!

  9. The fun, exciting (an maybe weird?) thing about seeing y’all on Shark Tank is that we feel like we know you! I love your candidness in all of your posts and I appreciate you being so honest about your experiences. I bet this time is crazy… I am still waiting on my cups!! I am very patient, though, and remain a proud soon-to-be lollacup owner! All the best to you!


  10. I love your heart in not forgetting why you hav your business in the first place. It would be terrible to have a successful business and a family that is falling apart at the seams because you are too preoccupied with packing boxes to invest in your children.

  11. Family should come first of course. I recently experienced the birth of my first kid and never fully understood how much love there was until it happened to me. I, myself am a business owner and can understand what the article is trying to convey. You need to have passion in your business in order for it to truly succeed. If you don’t have the same passion you have in your business as you do in your family, it will be hard.

    Remember, sometimes these articles have to sensationalize a bit and it did its job by making you think about whether to put family or the business first.

  12. I can’t disagree with that article more, what nonsense. I would gladly give up some success for more time with my loved ones. Then again my company name (Datsusara) is based on not being a slave to your work and I’m a “Four Hour Work Week”/Tim Ferriss fan so I’m more concerned with leveraging time to get more done with less effort and hence have time left for myself or family.

    After all who cares if you have mega bucks when you are retired, and have 10 stress related diseases from working too hard. I forget who said this first but one ever says “I wish I would have put in more hours at the office” on their death bed. I think that goes even if you love your work.

    As for myself I work only about 4 hours a day and the company is still growing 30%+ per year while I enjoy my time gardening or being with my dog and GF. If I never get rich that’s ok because I feel rich in the here and now.

  13. I’m thankful to read this! I’ve met = lots of “business” people who have “gained the world, but lost their soul” so to speak. I agree with you in that putting your family before your business is the true epic win. Not to mention no matter how “rich” one becomes, you can never go back and change the values you instilled into your children when they were growing up….those values are taught not just by words, but by actions as well. Keep doing the right thing guys. I’m proud of you! 🙂

  14. I just wanted to say that I just watched the episode of Shark Tank and was online before the deal was even done trying to order your product! As a mom I think it is exactly what I am looking for. The straw alone is worth the money and the design is so cute to boot! As a business owner, I feel your pain. I daily seek balance and have to keep myself in check. By far family is the most important thing in life and we must fight to protect it. Best of luck to you both and hug those sweet babies tight, because they will only be little for a blink of an eye.

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