About Lollaland

Lollaland is the parent company [if you will] of Lollacup.  My husband, Mark, and I created Lollacup for two reasons: to fill a void in the marketplace and fulfill a dream.

In 2007, we had a child who, months later, struggled to master the complex task of drinking out of a sippy cup.   She simply could not hold the sippy cup, tilt her head back, and suck hard enough to allow the spill-proof valve to release fluid into her mouth.  So I ditched the sippy cups and moved onto straws after seeing that she could use straws with ease at restaurants.  Several trips to the store and $40 later, my daughter still could not drink out of the straw sippy cups designed specifically for infants & toddlers.  This was becoming a battle that I just felt was unnecessary.  As if, being a parent isn’t stressful enough, why could I not find a cup that my daughter could actually drink from and I could bear to clean?

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”  What a cliche, but every time I think about what we do for a living, I can’t get this quote out of my mind.  Mark and I always knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs.  During long car rides or pre-children date nights, we would toss around business ideas and laugh about what it would be like to work together, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2009 that we really had THE idea.  When the chance came along, we jumped at the opportunity, prepared mind or not.  By no means did anything happen overnight, but we are thrilled that we made something happen, and we are relishing the journey.

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